Outta My Element – SoCS

socs-badgeMy second Stream of Consciousness Saturday attempt. Wrote this on Saturday, even though posting just now. Idea was to use “air, earth, fire, water” and/or “element” as the kickstarter. As always, check out LindaGHill.com for the complete rules of the road on this.

I had two immediate thoughts:

  • Earth Wind and Fire
  • The Fifth Element.

Not a huge Earth Wind and Fire fan, so, meh.

Now, The Fifth Element . . . fantastic movie. Pure pulp fiction. It mostly makes sense in the confines of the movie. Continue reading Outta My Element – SoCS

Content Marketing: Tweets of the Week (Nov 3)

Little late on these, but wanted to share anyway — after the way the Saints’ game ended yesterday, I just wanted to mope for a bit.
One man’s unscientific rundown of my favorite tweets from the week of November 3.
Not only yes, but HELL YES!


‘Everyone’ is not a good answer to the question ‘who is my audience?’ #ContentMarketing #ProTip @njellering

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday on Sunday

socs-badgeI saw this on Dan Antion’s blog yesterday while waiting on the wife in The Loft (lotsa bored guys in there). Great idea. Here’s my effort. The thing to do is to just write using all/some of the words: bet, bit, but, bat, bot. The idea is from LindaGHill’s blog and the rules are here.


I bet the bat would bite the bot a bit, but the reverse turned out to be true.

Baseball is not my sport. I played for a few years. The last three times I was at bat, I was hit by the ball. This would be why I just pay attention to football (real football, not the footsy stuff that the English and rest of the world follow).


I still like to watch a little soccer. Currently, listening to the wife talk about how bad Arsenal is as they collapse against Swansea. And how bad the ref sucks (he does). And even though the only sport I really follow is football, mostly NFL, I do enjoy watching  excellent performances regardless of the sport. Tim Howard’s performance in the World Cup this summer was incredible.

I’m looking forward to a day when bots become useful — searching out and delivering relevant and useful advice, purchases, and stuff you’d like — electronic butlers as it were (will be?). And while videos of cats riding on vacuum cleaners are awesome; I’m looking forward to when robots are more functional and useful. Who wouldn’t want a Rosie from The Jetsons?

Games over. NFL games about to start.

This was kinda fun.

Editing Is Umami

Editing: The Umami of content marketingPerhaps I’m biased, but editing is the umami of content marketing. Umami is the 5th flavor that enhances all others. Good editing makes everything better.

I’m not talking about the grammar stuff — that’s assumed. And I’m not talking about the edit your writing part of writing.

I think my parents still think most of editing is making sure the commas are in the right spots and everything is spelled correctly [Note: any consistent error becomes house style]. Editing is much more than that, it’s also parsing through and shaping the ideas for your audience and the medium you’re using (words, video, graphic, etc.). Continue reading Editing Is Umami

Adam Sandler, Content Marketing, and Hidden Gems

Adam-Sandler-in-The-WaterboyContent marketing is the devil, Bobby Boucher!

Yeah, I admit it – I’ve watched “The Waterboy” more than once (and being from Louisiana I knew how to pronounce “Boucher” right even before I saw the movie).

What’s this got to do with content marketing? Continue reading Adam Sandler, Content Marketing, and Hidden Gems

Tweets of the Week – My Favs on Content Marketing

Tweets-Worth-ReadingIn no particular order, my favorite tweets from the past week. Curation. Community. Writing tips. And some stuff about content marketing.


Want to improve your #contentmarketing? See what @jaybaer & @TheSalesLion have to say=> 5 tips. heidicohen.com/pro-content-ma… #cmworld

Never a bad idea to learn from the best.

3 out of 4 feel frustrated by irrelevant web content. Learn how to provide relevant content. bit.ly/1nSRVwq #CustomerExperience

Even though this paper is written by a vendor, it still has some good pointers if you’re starting to think about your customers’ Web experience.

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INBOUND14: Do what you love

Janelle Monae at INBOUND14
If you don’t know who she is yet, I’m thinking you will soon. Here she is on stage at the INBOUND14 party.

I had the good fortune to attend HubSpot’s INBOUND14 event. Great event for content, excuse me, inbound marketing. As I reviewed my notes, these are some of my favorite quotes from the sessions I attended.

“Less is more.”
Lindsay Thibeault, Senior Inbound Professor, HubSpot Academy @LindsayRegina

I need this as a tattoo. I’ve heard this one before, but I’ve always been of the opinion that more is more (especially for beer and pizza). Maybe it was the context of the session and having really been thinking about the lessons and applying them to what we do, that it finally struck a nerve with me. Continue reading INBOUND14: Do what you love