A Family Tradition of Perfect Fat-Bottomed Possums Fallin’ on Faith #AtoZchallenge

There are so many great songs. As soon as I think I might be done, I think of another. And I’m sure when I’m done with all of these, I’ll look back and think, “How could I not have thought of THAT.”

Actually, I did that earlier today thinking about B. How the hell did I miss Brandy!? That’s my all time favorite horrible song. That song is bad. I mean, awful. But, God help me, I love it so. Yet, totally missed it. So, dammit, here it is, because, Brandy, you’re a fine girl. Brandy not your taste? Scroll down to the Fs.

Also, fuck you (I say in a friendly way), Brandy is a fine girl! Continue reading A Family Tradition of Perfect Fat-Bottomed Possums Fallin’ on Faith #AtoZchallenge

Ellie and Evelyn Go to El Paso, Twice #AtoZchallenge

e.ellie the elegant elephant
Wish I could find the lyrics online.

Diving straight in today.

Ellie the Elegant Elephant

Not the kids books and recordings. I couldn’t find an actual recording of this song by Two Ton Baker, though while I was looking I came across two songs from the 1940s that wouldn’t be made today:

  1. The Too Fat Polka – which includes the line “I don’t want her. You can have her. She’s too fat for me.”
  2. Slap ‘er Down, Agin, Paw – apparently in the 40s it was OK to have hit songs about beating your daughter. Apparently, even the priests got in on the act because you “don’t want the neighbors talking about her sin.” You know, because girls are slatterns leading men into hell. I’d love to think this troglodyte thinking is outdated, except, you know the VP won’t be alone with a woman not his wife. Jesus wept.

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Dancing and Drinking With the Devil #AtoZchallenge

D.Dancing-With-The-DevilToday is especially a hodgepodge of music – one of the best fiddlers around, a made up group, the Boss, a Mardi Gras party song, and Les Miserable.

My crappy title also reminds me of my favorite line from the first Batman movie; “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Jack Nickolson was the perfect Joker for that mid-60s comic book feel. Heath Ledger was perfect as the grittier version of Batman in the 90s.

D has been a hard letter for music, but I’m sure that as soon as I push “publish” I’ll think of a song I absolutely love. C’est la vie. Continue reading Dancing and Drinking With the Devil #AtoZchallenge

Thinking Boxes and Bleeding Ears

thinking cats backgroundFingernails on a blackboard.

That sound foam makes when it’s just creaking and on the edge of snapping.

Gum smackers.

And anytime someone says “Let’s think outside of the box.”

These are all things that make my ears want to bleed.

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Numb Fried Chicken Carries On and Buys Sunny Love #AtoZchallenge

C A to Z challenge 2017 version 3There’s really no thematic rhyme or reason for the five songs that begin with “C” for today. Also, that title makes absolutely no sense at all!

Also, a quick note: I generally write these stream of consciousness style with minimal editing. Sooooo, if it looks disorganized, there ya go. All of these posts generally are. Sometimes the brain keeps ahead of the digits, but not very often.

Chicken Fried

All of the finer things in life that you really need are in Chicken Fried – fried chicken, cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right, love. Continue reading Numb Fried Chicken Carries On and Buys Sunny Love #AtoZchallenge

Bad Moons, Boys, and Big Iron – B #AtoZchallenge

Gunfighter-Ballads-Robbins-CDDidn’t feel great today, so a quick “B” post for the April AtoZchallenge.

I have no idea why my Mom had a Marty Robbins album. But she did and three songs from it still stand as among my favorites – two of them happen to start with the letter B.

Big Iron

“To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day.”

I couldn’t wait to hear what happened next. I’m not sure if reading about the Wild West made me like this music more or if this music made me want to read more about the Wild West. Also, read about the Wild West – it really was wild. Continue reading Bad Moons, Boys, and Big Iron – B #AtoZchallenge

A Boy Named Sue #atozchallenge

johnny-cash-fingerA Boy Named Sue is one of the first songs I can remember. It launched a life-long love of Johnny Cash music. And that memory is wrapped up with my Mom, 8-tracks, and a green car.

Now, my Mama is not a huge music person. This was great when growing up because we could put the radio on whatever we wanted (I remember me and Bobby both leaping to hit “eject” from the back seat – of a different car, red Buick – as we both realized the heavy panting in Bon Jovi’s “Love is a Social Disease” was coming up. Even she would have noticed that and been perturbed.)

Funny though as I was jotting down songs yesterday how some of the music that I love the best, came from her (Girls! Girls! Girls!; Big Iron). Go figure. Though Ann Murray will not be making an appearance other than just those few words ago. Continue reading A Boy Named Sue #atozchallenge