Why Spikey Katfish?

I’ve been using Spikey Katfish as an amusing (mostly to myself) name for any un-named product I was working on. Three years ago; Iwasthisclose to using it for the much more . . . straightforwardly-named Connect. I wrote the following as an explanation.

The Tale of Spikey Katfish

What does a catfish have to do with managing content? Nothing. And everything.

Catfish are everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes — from the tiny and cute Cory in your aquarium to the gigantic (9 foot) Mekong catfish — and are native to every continent (except Antarctica). They are covered in armor or have smooth, delicate skin. Invasive, catfish can thrive in environments as uninvited guests. Stinging, many catfish can deliver a painful jolt through spines on the tips of their fins. Most importantly, coated in cornmeal and fried, they are a culinary delight.

What’s this got to do with managing information? Your information is everywhere. Your information comes in all shapes and sizes: emails, tweets, paper forms, Web forms, you know the list. Information also appears where it’s least wanted. (We’re just getting over email challenges and, now, here comes SharePoint sprouting unmanaged like mushrooms after a spring rain.) Improperly managed, information can definitely sting you in a court of law. Yet, properly managed and controlled, will make your workforce smarter and your business more efficient.

That’s why we’re calling this newsletter Spikey Katfish. Plus, our editor likes it. Since the planning began to move from inform to e-doc (and then AIIM E-DOC Magazine and then Infonomics), various magazine-related drafts have circulated around AIIM with Spikey Katfish as a tongue-in-cheek working title. After all, the editor is from Louisiana. Maybe the sun got to him. Or a crawfish bit him too hard as a child. Regardless, he found this amusing. Now, eleven years on, it makes (a little) sense to rename our newsletter Spikey Katfish. Plus, it is kind of a fun name and we want to add at least a little fun to the definitely difficult task that all of us are involved in daily: how to manage and get the most out of our information.

We’ll do our best to serve up a delicious helping of helpful advice, tips, and interesting information every other week.

Order up. Me, I’ll have the fried catfish po-boy.

Now, since it’s not in use: I like it; and I wanted to start blogging and needed a blog title — fate. Destiny. Lack of further imagination. Whatever.


Spikey Katfish.

I hope I generally make sense.

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