Singing Crabs, Kung Fu, and a Little Bit of Faith #AtoZchallenge

From kissing to other amorous things to kung fu to growing up and keeping the faith, a quartet of songs I love. And this image of Sebastian's look of utter disbelief is – quite possibly – my favorite Disney movie clip ever. Me and Kirk rented the tape any number of times. Most times, we'd…

Jackson Boogie

#AtoZchallenge 2017 Jungle Boogie and Jackson

Holy shit! Only two songs today! Jungle Boogie Thank you Quentin Tarantino for putting together a kick ass soundtrack for Pulp Fiction (one of my favorite movies of all time). I'd never heard Jungle Boogie before seeing it in Pulp Fiction – which I saw for the first time at the now-closed theatre in Bethesda…

Drinking Alone With Ponies #AtoZchallenge

Hard one today, I thought I'd go with just "If I Had a Pony" and stay somewhat short for a change, but I keep thinking of a few others to add. Got to the drinking songs and decided to end it there. Feeling virtuous after a run yesterday and an hour in a Boot Camp…

If Don’t Hold On to Your Hundred Dollar Bill, You Can Get a Room at the Hotel California #AtoZchallenge

Friday Night (Hundred Dollar Bill) Officially, this is an F song. I always call it Hundred Dollar Bill and got the order flipped. Whatever. My blog, my rules. I. Love. This. Song. When the girls were younger, they'd both go to Louisiana for weeks during the summer. Candice and I would each get in a…

Gambling, Galveston, and Saying Goodnight to the Moon #AtoZchallenge

Once again, I thought I'd have two songs, because, “G? Nothing starts with G.” And, I left off Daft Punk's Get Lucky, Get Back by the Beatles, Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles, and Get Up by the Godfather of Soul, The Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness, James Brown. As I started writing, The…

A Family Tradition of Perfect Fat-Bottomed Possums Fallin’ on Faith #AtoZchallenge

There are so many great songs. As soon as I think I might be done, I think of another. And I'm sure when I'm done with all of these, I'll look back and think, “How could I not have thought of THAT.” Actually, I did that earlier today thinking about B. How the hell did…

Ellie and Evelyn Go to El Paso, Twice #AtoZchallenge

Diving straight in today. Ellie the Elegant Elephant Not the kids books and recordings. I couldn't find an actual recording of this song by Two Ton Baker, though while I was looking I came across two songs from the 1940s that wouldn't be made today: The Too Fat Polka – which includes the line “I…

Dancing and Drinking With the Devil #AtoZchallenge

Today is especially a hodgepodge of music – one of the best fiddlers around, a made up group, the Boss, a Mardi Gras party song, and Les Miserable. My crappy title also reminds me of my favorite line from the first Batman movie; “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Jack…

Numb Fried Chicken Carries On and Buys Sunny Love #AtoZchallenge

There's really no thematic rhyme or reason for the five songs that begin with “C” for today. Also, that title makes absolutely no sense at all! Also, a quick note: I generally write these stream of consciousness style with minimal editing. Sooooo, if it looks disorganized, there ya go. All of these posts generally are. Sometimes…

Bad Moons, Boys, and Big Iron – B #AtoZchallenge

Didn't feel great today, so a quick “B” post for the April AtoZchallenge. I have no idea why my Mom had a Marty Robbins album. But she did and three songs from it still stand as among my favorites – two of them happen to start with the letter B. Big Iron “To the town…

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