k.sebastian jaw dropFrom kissing to other amorous things to kung fu to growing up and keeping the faith, a quartet of songs I love.

And this image of Sebastian’s look of utter disbelief is – quite possibly – my favorite Disney movie clip ever. Me and Kirk rented the tape any number of times. Most times, we’d spend a few minutes laughing our asses off. Actually, literally rolling on the floor laughing our asses off (pre-acronym days) because the couch was too far back and the preferred TV-watching spot was propped up on pillows in front of the TV in the middle of the floor. Damn, and that shitty TV was AWESOME back then. You couldn’t give one of those away today with it’s 20 inch or so screen.

Whatever. Time for kisses.

Kiss the Girl

Sebastion. Flounder. Ariel. It’s not The Jungle Book (holy shit, how did I forget “I wanna be like you” for I!??!?!! I wanna walk like you. Talk like you. Do-oo-oo. GASP! I also forgot The Bare Necessities, which contains all life’s wisdom. Dammit), but The Little Mermaid is probably my second favorite Disney film (not counting the Pixar collaborations). Probably, I change my mind sometimes – though The Jungle Book always takes top billing.

And Kiss the Girl is my favorite song – ok, well, tied with Les Poissons. The animation is perfect. It moves the plot forward. And I just dig the devilish look Sebastion gets on his face and the way he says “words.” Like imma gonna get some lovin’ going on up in here – get it girl.

I remember when this came out that I wanted to go see it in the theatre. Me and Clyde were seniors in high school. I’ve always been shy, but if it’s something I want to do I’ve always had a pretty big “fuck it” attitude. So we said “fuck it” and went to a matinee at the – crap, the 3 screens by the K-Mart just off Ryan. Anyway. Ha, we went to see Pet Cemetary there. Clyde was like, “If he goes and buries that kid, I’m outta here.” Couple of minutes later when he buried his kid, Clyde got up and left. I had the car, so all was good in my world.

We walk into the theater and I remember heads swivelling around as 20 moms/grandparent types and their attendant small children start eyeballing us like, “WTF are these perverts doing?! Should we call the cops? Why aren’t they watching Rocky or something?’

Was too excited to really notice – first Disney movie in years! Woot. It was worth the wait. Loved it then. Love it now.

Sing with me now. . . .

good lord, caught myself smiling like an idiot watching that.

Aaaaaaaaand changing gears . . .

Kick Drum

The song before Hundred Dollar Bill on Philadelphonic, I like the smooth, mellow beat on this one. The first time I listened to it, I didn’t even catch all of the sex in it (weird for me, but, I was fairly well stoned). It’s a good summer, background, sitting on the deck song drinking a beer and doing nothing else song when it spins up on the ol’ iPod.

There’s a line in here that always reminds me of My Ding-a-Ling too.

No, I don’t know how I go from Little Mermaid to “come on and give me some.” Well, they are really about the same thing if you get right down to it.

Keeping the Faith

Now I’m going outside to have an ice cold beer in the shade.

Love that line.

Billy Joel has been the backing soundtrack of a lot of my life – listening to oldies radio; It’s Still Rock n’ Roll To Me was the first 45 I bought; Piano Man, and I always loved this video on MTV. Everyone has to have at least one favorite Billy Joel song, right? Me, I can probably still sing most of his hits word for word and a good number of non-hits too. I love me some Billy Joel. Need to figure a time to go see him in Madison Square Garden too. He’s awesome in concert.

Cuz the good old days weren’t always good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems

That line’s always stuck with because it’s one of my pet peeves about Americans and their view of history. Or any old folks who get old and forget that they were young and hot-blooded and full of life and lust at some point in their lives (except the dried up old sticks who never lived) and complain about “those darn kids today.”

Kung Fu Fighting

No list of awesome songs starting with K is complete without Kung Fu Fighting.

It was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing.

Damn, I miss Kung Fu midnight theatre on TV. I don’t want to go back to 18 channels, much less 3, but there was some charm to TV back in the day. Or I really am slowly turning into an old git.

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  1. Never to old for a Disney film. You are correct hat Pixar really should be it’s own thing. Was never a huge fan of the Jungle book but, yes, yes I will sing along with the music from it. 🙂 Keeping the Faith and Kung-Fu fighting both make me tap my feet too.

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