Content Marketing Predictions Are As Useful as Fortune Cookies (Without the "In Bed" Jokes)

Over the years, the best advice about content marketing predictions I can think of is to (usually) ignore the predictions.  And, man, I once loved a prediction piece.  These days . . . not so much.  Look at all of these shiny new ideas! (So that I can now ignore the last round of formerly…

6 Blind Marketers and The Inbound Marketing Elephant: Don't Mistake a Single Part for the Whole

I wish I had had a quarter when I took this photo. One of my favorite parables is the 6 blind men and the elephant. (Scroll to the end of the post to read it if you're not familiar and then head on back up here.) When it comes to inbound marketing, we all come…

Wowza – Cow Poop, Music, Football, and Memories of Things Past #SoCS

As I sit here to type out today's Stream of Conciousness Saturday (on a Saturday this time!), I've got not much clue where this is going to go. Usually, something pops into my head. This time around, all I got is: owie, wow, wowza, and whoa (and, whoa doesn't even work). Sigh. Let's plop the…

Skill Is Skill, Not an Attitude About Your Perception of Your Skill

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.   Ralph Morton Horsehit.  [For the record, I quite like Ralph Morton’s website, The Daily Motivator.] Attitude determines altitude. God I hate that one, though it’s also true; to an extent..  Something about “altitude determines attitude” and the Marston quote just rubs me the wrong way,…

My Last Next Year #SOCS

Ah, yes, the end of another year (and decade this time around) and the beginning of another. Time for folks to trot out their resolutions that will all be nearly discarded by March because they aren't really resolutions, they're just wishes without a plan. I've done the same. Many times. Today's Stream of Consciousness Saturday…

3 of the Most Common – and Simple to Avoid – Writing Missteps Spikey Katfish Sees That Prevent Your Marketing from Blasting Off

The most common mistake businesses make is writing like they're a business. While I've noticed a shift to a friendlier writing style in the past decade, partially thanks to social media and I'm sure influenced as well by Millennials entry into the working world in large numbers, there's still waaaaay too much bad business writing…

Hawaiian Shirts Aren't Loud, They're a Splendid Sartorial Choice #SOCS

THIS IS BOB FIEBER. Hey, Bob, what do you do?I'M IN ARTILLARY.Can we play anything for you today, Bob?ANYTHING, JUST PLAY IT LOUD, OK? Adrian Cronauer, GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!!!!!!! As usual with Linda G. Hill's prompts for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I never quite know what's going to pop into my head on any given…


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