DefenestrationToday’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is to write using a word beginning with “de” and, for bonus points (and who doesn’t love bonus points), that also ends in “ed.”

Disregarding for this post that because of all of the boner commercials on TV, when I see “ed” I immediately think “erectile dysfunction” (good job little blue pill advertisers and big pharma). And why is that couple in side-by-side bathtubs? Shouldn’t they be in the same tub? Anyway, I digress.

socs-badgeMy word is: Defenestrated, which is one of my all-time favorite (non cuss) words.

I first saw this word during a European history class in college. Just after WWII as the Soviets were consolidating their hold over eastern European governments. I think it was in Czechoslovakia that a number of west-leaning politicians were defenestrated by Soviet thugs.

Setting aside how horrible that action was and how horrifying it must’ve been, I thought what a wonderful word to use instead of “they were thrown out of a window.”

I just did a quick bit of Googling and learned that the Defenestration of Prague in 1618, in which 2 catholic officials and their secretary were tossed through and out the windows of Prague Castle (without “too” much harm) was a key ignition point of the 30 Years War. Which, not to get into politics, should also give us pause and serve as a reminder of how serious and deeply held religious convictions can and have shaped the world. Another defenestration, also in Prague, in 1419 of 7 town officials, combined to give rise to the term and concept. Note to self: never run for political office in Prague or stand near a window if, by bizarre circumstance, that ever happens in my life.

Unfortunately, it’s not a word that comes up often in conversation. Given that no one litters any longer (I still see that crying Indian), I can’t turn to my wife while we’re driving and say, “defenestrate this cup, please.”

I have, mostly in jest, threatened my daughters with defenestration a few times over the years. Yes, mostly.

Other than that, it’s hard to work in. Though I do take every opportunity I can.

Defenestrate. Defenestration. Defenestrated. Just fun to say.

And that’s my 15 minutes.


  1. I have bit of a penchant for this word too 🙂 Stopping by as a first time SoCs blogger. I think I’ll be back soon.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I alternately am inspired by and made to feel guilty by the SoCS (as in, why’d I miss those last few weeks and why haven’t I yet everyone else’s yet).


  2. That’s a great word Bryant. I once threatened an old boss with tossing him out the window. I wish I had known this word back then. Thanks for the history lesson.


    1. That must’ve not been a very nice boss then. Having a hard time seeing you get that frustrated. I had no idea about the Prague events — and I’m also having a bit of nostalgic longing for the Encyclopedia Brittannica now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HE had become enamored with the word “wafting” and was accusing all of us as “wafting into space” or “wafting off topic.” It was getting annoying. He was on jury duty and he was making us all wait until after 5:00 to discuss out projects. He accused me of wafting into space and I said “use that term one more time and I’m going to waft you out that window” with appropriate expletives.

        And, I do miss encyclopedias now and then.

        Liked by 1 person

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