Pork roast in a pot
8 pounds of pork shoulder will make tacos, pulled BBQ sandwiches, and hash.


And another Stream of Consciousness Saturday post begins. Quick rules: follow Linda Hill’s prompt and write. This time, it was “food.”

Not sure why that was the first thing I thought of when it comes to food, other than that it’s an eating utensil and I love The Tick, and his righteous fight against injustice and evildoers and bad broccoli and the moon everywhere.

The Tick rocks.

Anyway. Food.

The Tick and his battlecry.

I love food. More than I should judging by my height to weight ratio – which isn’t even close to what it should be. Though, that’s probably more to do with the human ability to take grain and grapes and potatoes and most anything and turn those potential food items into adult beverages of various sorts.

What One Food Would You Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

I think everyone has had this conversation at some point – if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This has always depended on the terms of “one food.” If it means only one dish, like fried chicken or pepperoni pizza; I’d have to go with fried chicken. If you could have one dish prepared multiple ways: pizza all the way. No doubt. If it was one ingredient, I might have to go with cheese, or chicken, I love chicken.

Cooking and Cookbooks

So, food. I do most of the cooking at home, mostly because I like to and partly because when George and I first got together the extent of her cooking ability was basically roasted potatoes (and a terrifying incident of making banoffe pie by boiling a can of condensed milk or something; the pie was good, the worry that the can was going to explode and kill us remains fresh in memory).

However, she did, and does, make an excellent batch of roast potatoes.

Over the past few years, George has gotten much more involved in the cooking and is quite good at it. I still do most of it though.

Most of our cookbooks. We do use a lot of them.

We have more cookbooks than we know what to do with – Indian, Chinese, southern, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Grilling, one devoted entirely to fried chicken, a fantastic BBQ book from BIL and SIL, Andy and Omi, an entire book of potato recipes and a sister book of rice, not to mention the stack of Cook’s Illustrated (about 10 year’s worth), and random cooking magazine purchases at the checkout counter because the thing on the cover look nummy.

The most recent purchase is an Emeril’s cookbook that I’ve already cooked 5 or 6 things out of – all excellent.

The photo above is an 8 pound pork shoulder that will be pulled pork tacos for dinner tonight. As I sit here half-watching Casey’s indoor soccer team get their asses handed to them again, contemplating the pork later is much more palatable. Funny, her team is really quite good on a regular field – they won a tournament at the beginning of last season and only lost one other game I think. But, man, they SUCK indoors.

Aaaaand, game over. Time to go home and load this later tonight – after pulled pork tacos!

Damn. I’m hungry.

*Written on a Saturday, though only published today.

The pulled pork was awesome. Essential Emeril is well worth picking up.

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