ha ha Nelson from Simpsons


That’s the prompt for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday from Linda G. Hill. At first, I sat here with my consciousness decidedly not streaming. Possibly that’s because I switched over from doing some work in an attempt to begin to catch up after being sick for the better part of 7 days. The very opposite of “ha” as in “happiness.”

Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. A pretty good young safety who plays for the Packers. Drafted in the 2nd round from Alabama 3 (I think) years ago. Why I know this I have no idea. He also attempted an extremely poorly timed jump that allowed Seattle to tie the playoff game that sent them to the Superbowl – there was no ha-ha”-ing after that play. Hate Seattle. They get to hold on every play on defense. Carroll is a smarmy, smug SOB and, as a Saints fan, I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the Beastquake game, not least because NFL films shows it EVERY. DAMN. YEAR. At playoff time.

But I digress.

By the way, secretly hopeful that the Saints are quietly building to a good season this year. Feels a bit like the 2006 year. That would make me happy.

So other than a player on a team that I kinda like with the best QB playing, what’s there to write about: HA?


Of course.

Which makes me think of laughter; which might be the best medicine, which was not helping me when I was sick last week. I tried. It hurt to laugh.

One of the things that did make me go ha-ha, and laugh out loud was a throwaway bit in Fall Out 4, the game I’m currently playing on my Xbox. Now, when I get sick, I generally become more useless than normal. I couldn’t really focus enough to read and retain anything. Staring at my laptop for too long left me a bit dizzy. So I played my game, which made me a little happy. Though even I was getting bored of that much playing time (though my inner 8 year old was thinking YOU WOULD HAVE KILLED FOR THIS 37 YEARS AGO).


The setting for the game is based on a nuclear war (Fall Out, get it?) and it’s 200 years in the future. So buildings are gutted as you poke around to shoot things. Searching through a building, I turned into a bathroom, sitting on the toilet was a teddy bear with an open newspaper on his lap.

That was funny — ha ha funny even.

I snorted I laughed so loud.

That made me happy.

Then I started coughing from laughing. That part sucked.

Laughter the best medicine my ass.

Happy by Will Pherrell is a damn fine song. I’m also writing a blog post about how happy employees make for more productive employees. Trying to figure out the right angle so I can do this for one of our clients, because I think it’ll be a good post for them.

Like the song says, clap along with me if you feel like happiness is the truth. I usually think you can choose to be happy. Sometimes sadness gets in there, but a generally positive mindset helps on the road to being happy. At least that’s my working theory — and I’ve even seen it in a book or three.

Beats what’s being sold by the current crop of politicians, all of whom seem to be pointing the blame at the other side as reason for their side’s unhappiness. Where’s Rodney King when you need him?

That’s my allotted time for today. Even more random than normal. Is what it is.


  1. Funny, but my first impulse was to mention the way Mrs. Krabappel used to laugh on The Simpsons.
    Loved that. Too bad that actress who voiced that character passed away a few years ago and there will be no more of that line.
    Ah well…that’s another reason to continue watching reruns.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Nice stream of consciousness writing you’ve got here. Enjoyed reading.


    1. HA! I had forgotten about that. For no reason at all, that made me think of my favorite voices on The Simpsons (which made me wonder if there are any TV shows on now that my daughters — 14 and 17 — will still be watching when they get into their 40s?). And favorite voices made me think of Herman’s Head, with Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria (how is that guy not a major star?). Thanks for reading, hope to be back more frequently and reading everyone else’s posts too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Laughter the best medicine my ass.” That made me laugh. 😀 Nice stream of consciousness writing, digression and all. Glad you’re feeling better, Bryant. 🙂


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