Stream of Consciousness Saturday -- So Far Away #SoCS
Why I thought of this and Carole King nearly instantaneously, I have no fucking clue.

So far away.

Isn’t that a song?

Far away, but you’re so, far away . . . by Carol, oh, shoot. Dammit. Refusing to look it up. From the album Tapestry. Shitshitshit. Grrrr, damn memory.

It’s Stream of Consciousness time and today’s prompt, via Linda Hill is: so far.

Now that I’ve got that fragment of a song stuck in my head.

I’m also thinking, for no apparent reason, about the land of Far, Far Away from Shrek. Those first two Shrek movies are great. Ogres are like onions, they have layers. I have layers. We all have layers.

The 3rd move was ok. There was really no reason to make that 4th Shrek movie though. Nicht gut.

And WTF happened to Michael Meyers? He did that weird ass Gong Show thing for a bit – and that was a strange show. Semi funny though. Otherwise, no more Schwing or Shagalicioiusness from a funny, funny man. Come back to the silver screen, Michael Meyers! Don’t pull an Eddie Murphy and give up what you’re good at. And, yeah, someone needs to get on Eddie’s ass to come back out and do a comedy special. Delirious still one of the funniest hours you can watch – You aint’ got no ice cream. And your daddy’s on welfare.

Carole King! AHA. Thank God, that was starting to bug me. I’d love to see your face at my door. Same song, right?


Trading Places might be my favorite Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd movie. And, OMG, Jamie Lee Curtis. #LeSigh.

So far today, I’ve managed to have breakfast, two cups of tea, and had a thought for work. It’s now 2:45.

So far this week, the most I’ve gone . . .

Broken train of thought, took the dogs for a walk in the woods.

So far today, I’ve done all of my steps. Woot.

Counteracting the exercise by drinking a beer now, so far I’ve had only one Hop Stoopid, one of my favorites from Lagunitas. Now in a 6-pack. Very excited given it used by be a large single – 22 oz or so – and I haven’t had one in a while. Now I’ve got 6 . . . well, 5.

So far, so far . . .

So far in my life I’ve managed to avoid a heart attack. Given a family history of heart disease, that’s a good thing.

So far I’ve also managed to gain too much weight – I could play LB in the NFL at this weight though my 237 isn’t the same as an NFL LB 237. Maybe that’s why I like Tolbert, a chunky but effective RB.

So far I haven’t managed to travel to all the places I want to go – like books, I’ll never read all I want to and never see all I want to – but I’ve had the good fortune to travel a fair bit. And live in an area that people visit for vacation.

So far I still haven’t totally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

So far I thought I’d feel a lot older than I do at 46 – though I was just thinking that a candy bar should be 25 cents, not a buck 19.

So far I’ve lived a fairly lucky life.

So far this year, I think I’ve written and published (on a blog) about 40,000 words. I think by the end of the year, that’ll be close to 200,000.

So far, my fingers are holding up fairly well.

So far, I still like writing.

Most days.

So far the Saints haven’t signed Drew Brees to another contract.

So far I’m calm about that.

So far I’m lucky enough to have a wife who bought me tickets to see Sweet Baby James as a Christmas present. He was on my bucket list and the concert was great. Bonnie Raitt opened and I love me some Bonnie Raitt. I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain. Hearing that live was up there with hearing The Eagles Hotel California, Pink Floyd’s Time and Learning to Fly, and Welcome to the Jungle (though would’ve been better without an overweight Axl Rose though Guns N Roses = awesome). What’s this got to do with so far, wasn’t he married to Carole King at one point? Pretty sure, dated at least. Whatever, I wasn’t even alive then or was like 5.

Now I don’t know if I want to watch Trading Places for the umpteenth time or sit back and listen to some James Taylor. Listening to the YouTube mix that kicked off when I listened to “So Far Away” — the 70s did have some pretty damn good music.

And I’ve gone as long as my time on so far so, so long.


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