Well, life on the farm is kindof laid back, ain’t nothing that a country boy like me can’t hack. Early to rise, early in the sack. Thank God, I’m a country boy.

animal house and john denver stream of consciousness saturday
It’s not gonna be an orgy . . .

[Damn, just looked up the lyrics before posting, I was almost spot-on]

Can’t believe I know those lyrics. I don’t think I’ve heard that song in a decade.

Before going further, this is a belated, written on Saturday but posted today Stream of Consciousness Saturday post. The prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “on the farm.” Find a word that has a farm animal sound in it, i.e. sMOOth, and use it in your post. Bonus points if you include three or more. Have extra fun! As always, thanks to www.lindaghill.com for the prompt.

[I, uh, only got as far as “on the farm.”] Reminds me of being a kid and I have a vivid memory of being in my Mawmaw’s den where my dad had his records and flipping through them – John Denver and Jim Croce back to back.

Also, heehee, that shelf was immediately to the right of the TV upon which I watched my first R-rated movie – Animal House.

I didn’t know why I liked those boobies just then, but I did know that I liked them!

bo derek and playboy in stream of consciousness saturday for spikey katfish
I remember this one. The articles were good too.

My cousin, John, me, and step-bro Adam would also hang out in my Dad’s room, where he kept his stash of Penthouse, Hustler, and Playboy. There was this old, tin hockey game that we’d pretend to play — poking the sticks now and then, but mostly turning pages. We took turns to be on Mawmaw watch — that woman was short and stealthy in her slippered feet! — and we had a good system for hiding everything.

True story: I had a subscription to Playboy for a while. George busted Casey in my bathroom reading one on the toilet. She had gotten to page 83 and was, by her account, enjoying the articles.

Anyway, thank God for HBO! How’d I get onto the mags, you maybe wondering (though probably not)? It was me, Adam, and John watching Animal House. For years my movie-viewing habits were at least partially influenced by the words “nudity” or “partial nudity.” Depending on the type of film, those were tipping points for watching or turning the channel.

Spikey Katfish and stream of consciousness saturday
Can’t find an exact image of the table top, but this is what the players looked like.

Great movie, Animal House. Much like Bull Durham – well, maybe less like Bull Durham – there’s some life wisdom in there.

Or at least some great quotes:

  • What’s it like being an asshole, Nedermeir?
  • Roadtrip.
  • Hey, you fucked up. You trusted us.
  • Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  • That boy is a p.i.g pig
  • Can you guess what I am now? A zit! Get it?
  • It’s not gonna be an orgy; it’s a toga party.
  • Toga! Toga! Toga!

“Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son” is pretty good advice though.

I’ll leave you with some John Denver.

And like every star in the 70s, he made it on The Muppets. Vaguely remembered seeing this as a kid.

And, because we’re on The Muppets now, it’s never a bad thing to listen to Mananama — doo doo di dit it. Sing with me now . . . .


  1. I guess “Mananama — doo doo di dit it” counts as an animal sound. Great movie selection. I started my daughter off watching Caddyshack. I had it on VHS and I fast-forwarded through the “boring” parts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never watched Grease on anything other than basic cable until sometime in my mid-30s. So while I knew it was sexualized, I didn’t realize how much until the girls (Lauren must’ve been 7ish and Casey 4ish) and their Mom and I were listening to the soundtrack for the first time in the soul-crushing minivan.
      “We’ll be getting lots of tit in Greased Lightening.”
      I remember we stared at each other in horror for a split second and then we both reached for the skip button.
      I had missed that “boring” part.
      They now both like Pulp Fiction and The Princess Bride. My movie parenting is complete, even though I’ve failed to get them to appreciate the masterpiece that is The Big Lebowski.

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