One of my favorite colors for coloring books.

Blue. I’m so blue. I’m so lonesome for you.

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is, you guessed it, “blue.” Seeing the word immediately triggered that great Leanne Rimes song. I suspect it’ll be playing on an ear worm loop for the remainder of the day. [Note: it did.]

I remember learning that she was only 13 and thinking that no one 13 should be able to put that kind of angst and longing into a song.

Funny, I know she’s released tons of albums and had a good career, but I can’t think of a single other song of hers.

Blue also happens to be my favorite color. I don’t have a particularly favorite shade of blue, though I did quite like cornflower in the 64 (or was it the 128) box of colors (colors is what southerners call “crayons”, fyi). I also liked periwinkle and midnight blue. Those were always nubs. Burnt orange always seemed to last a long time.

Never was particularly good at coloring, though as with most children of the 70s and 80s, I did my fair share of attempting to color in the lines of a variety of animals and such.

I never ate a color either. Or saw anyone eat one. Though I vaguely recall a kid in first grade chugging some Elmers. Real or not, I have no idea. I DO remember the kid in the front row in first grade not being allowed to go to the bathroom and peeing his pants. Class went on and we all just had to walk around the puddle to get to the blackboard.

Catholic school can be tough. Ms. Toniette, she was the first grade teacher, would also turn her wedding ring with its giant diamond around to the palm side of her finger and whack kids with it.

I was the recipient of one or two of those.

She’d also paddle you with her slippers/shoes. Now, she was barely taller than all of the first graders and pushing 100 (ok, probably late 60s) so the power generated by the slipper was not much.

Laughing while being paddled was not the way to go and earned me a smack on the back of the head from aforementioned wedding ring.

I did chit-chat some in class that first grade, Steven Thibadeaux and a few others, but I think she may have banged it out of me. Started out shy, but always hated to speak in class after first grade.

Weird what the word blue brings back, eh?

I wrote this on Friday afternoon, intending to publish on Saturday. I didn’t.

Today, I am blue about yet another blown call against the Saints and that Brees is going to be out for 6 to 8 weeks. Sigh. Superbowl run just took a huge hit.

Anyway, here’s Blue, in all of Leann Rimes 13 year old glory (maybe 14 when the video was shot). And, really, who gets to have a voice like that that young?


  1. I watched that game, and I can’t believe you guys got hosed again. All the sports talking heads say “it’s OK, they would have lost anyway” – which is even more unfair. We’re with you in the ain’t-gonna-make-it-to-Miami club.


    1. I think Bridgewater can win a few games until Brees is back and the division mostly stinks, so I’m holding onto hope. I had the Steelers missing the playoffs before the season, even with Big Ben. Now, yeesh! And, yeah, 3 games in a row!?!?!?!?! Insane.

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