After a long hiatus caused by nothing more than laziness and too much staring at the TV (and a few actual life stresses), going to give SoCS another go this year. After all, these are fun to “write” — your mileage on reading may vary.

As you may have guessed, “in the corner” was today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. I cheated on the article for the title. Sue me.

As usual, multiple things popped into my head. Dirty Dancing obviously, one of the all-time great cheesy movies of all time. And one which if you haven’t seen in a while can easily forget the abortion subplot and then squirm as your 8 and 5 year old watch the movie. I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL CARRYING WATERMELONS AND DANCING. In the realm of bad parenting decisions, not too high on the list, but it’s on there. (Also on the list, having only ever watched Grease on broadcast TV and having just gotten the soundtrack CD prior to a roadtrip and not realizing how nasty the songs are for a 4 year old to listen to — “we’ll be getting lots of tit in Greased Lightening” and it was a race between me and Candice to push “eject.”)

Non sequitor: I do vividly recall being raked over the coals (well, an attempt anyway, as I gave shit not a care what their mother had to say on this topic at this point in our lives) for allowing them to watch Little Miss Sunshine because of the cussing. Yeah, like I’m not their fucking father and a movie about a family coming together despite everything was such a horrible message (recently watched a bit of it, it’s a really good movie). There’s a matching movie she had let them watch that had a fairly horrible plot, but that’s a story for over beers. Anyway.

From the good parenting list, or maybe just olde skool parenting, I did make the girls stand in the corner — nose to the wall. They HATED it.

OTH, they also usually stopped being little turds for at least a little while after a little “get in the corner” time.

They grew up not too scarred by it. They still visit me voluntarily, so that’s a win.

Patrick Swayze died way too young. What’s the over/under on how many cheesy-ass movies he would have made by now (Next of Kin, Ghost, Red Dawn, Point Break — he owned that tough yet sensitive bad boy role)? Though I will say none would have topped Road House as the apogee of so bad they’re good movies from the 80s. Hmmmm, there are so many, so maybe “topped” isn’t right — there’s a lot of room on that particular bad movie Mount Rushmore. I actually paid money to see “Next of Kin” in the theatre — in Hattiesburg, MS. Worst study break ever.

“Pain don’t hurt” should be as well-known as “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”

I’m still working on how to work “I used to fuck guys like you in prison” into a conversation.

I’m still a bit disappointed that my COVID-do didn’t go the Wade Garret direction, but, as Casey, child 2, helpfully suggested, went more like a “reverse mullet.” Never can decide if it’s a good or bad thing she’s got my sarcasm.

And, thank the sweetlordtinybabyjesus that it’s finally 2021 because 2020 put all of us in the corner — Johnny probably wouldv’e even agreed, “No one puts Baby in a corner . . . ok, except you, 2020. You mad bitch.”

Here’s to a kickass 2021 for everyone — time to get out of the corner.

Not sure I had the Time of My Life writing this, but it did feel good to write something non-work-related for the first time in (holy fuck, like 6 months).

For the record, yes, I love DIrty Dancing. Lord help me, but I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy (When Harry Met Sally being quite possibly the best, though Sleepless in Seattle . . . ).

BONUS: This popped up after one of the ones above. As we all know, Brandy is, indeed, a fine girl. I almost rate Guardians of the Galaxy 2 above the first movie solely on the strenght of this song in the soundtrack.


  1. Also a huge fan of Dirty Dancing! I will never forget the time my kids were maybe 4 and 5 and I sat them down to watch Poltergeist. Ooops, forgot about the dead bodies in the muddy pool-to-be. Ooops, forgot that the little girl is sitting nose to screen, scared out of her mind because someone in the fuzz is talking to her. Ooops forgot about the floor “giving birth” to the little woman. Yeah, my kids were scared shitless and my late husband was pissed. We all make little mistakes!


    1. I vaguely remember watching Poltergeist when I was 6 or so on HBO. That was enough for me to not pass that one down — I think the last horror movie I’ve watched was Pet Cemetary in the theatre.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, there are plenty of creepy ones out there but Pet Cemetery has always been a favorite. If you like the psychologically screwed up movies, watch Saw. It is sort of bloody but the story line is fantastic.


      2. well, I’m not going to put any extra pressure on you. If you want a spoiler I can tell you why story line is in my mind so good. I’m sure you can find other spoilers on the internet.


  2. Not a fan of the movie, but a big fan of you participating in this challenge. Happy New Year, Bryant, to you and your fine family. I hope to see you here each week – you owe me that because, even thought I’m retired, I read your business stuff.


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