I am a fan of the word “amble.”

It’s an accurate description of my usual walking speed (see also, mosey, saunter, stroll, or meander).

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt from Linda G Hill is, of course, “-amble”:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “—amble.” Add letters to the beginning of “-amble” to make another word or use it as is in your post. Enjoy!

I have made a conscious decision tos tay away from “preamble,” which makes me think of the Constitution, which the Supreme Court and various Christofascist GOP-controlled states are wiping their asses with as they assault democracy in the name of “freedom” to enforce their bullshit religious views on everyone else.

Fuck them. All of them. And you too if you vote Republican (at least this rancid, authoritarian, democracy-hating version of the GOP).

But I digress.

Amble is a much happier thought. Conjuring images of wandering along a riverbank, holding hands with your lover, and feeding the ducks.

Unlike the Johnny Cash song, Banks of the Ohio, which does NOT have a happy ending from a perambulation down by the riverside.

One of my favorite scenes in Deadwood is when Merrick (you’ll remember him as the principle in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) is walking with Saul, Bullock, and Charlie Utter down the sidewalk after another rancid dinner and said they should make it a regular thing, and suggested creating a club named the Perambulators. The looks on their faces was hilarious. Was a nice moment of leviity in the show. Which, man, could’ve run for 5 more seasons and I would have happily watched. The excellent use of the word “fuck” and “cocksucker”, mwah.

I mean, the conversation between Wu and Swearingon as Wu tried to overcome the language gap to explain who stole dope being delivered to Al. It’s an hilarious 60 seconds and Wu, who, and cocksucker carry a lot of the load [snippet is below]. The writing and acting on that show was brilliant.

While I can move at a higher speed than a slow amble, growing up in Louisiana, walking slowly helped me not sweat so damn much. Still comes in handy on the 90 plus degree days here in Balmor, Hun. Anyway, what’s the rush. You never know what you’ll see when you take the time to slow down and look around. The world is full of beauty and interesting things in unexpected places. It’s worth taking the time to amble along to take them in.

I think for today I’m off to perambulate around the Baltimore Museum of Art. There’s a modern art show that I can get a ticket for since I’m a member, not that I dig modern art and, from glancing into the exhibit a few weeks ago when I went with both childrens (and one boyfriend), looks a lot like Pollock. But, new experiences are always good. Plus, there’s an exhibit curated by the museum guards. We buzzed through it, but there were a few pieces I’d like to study in a bit more detail.

Plus, it’s always cool to look at the Matisse collection and I need to take a spin through the Pacific art (which I quite like) and the African art (which I also like, but know fuck-all about), since the turdbird twins don’t like either when we go together.

Felix Vallotton – The Lie. Fell in love with this one on the last visit.

Time to amble on over. Well, drive, it’s too far and too damn hot (otherwise, I’d amble around Fort McHenry again, sit in the shade, and watch the sailboats).

As usual, music from today. Sadly, couldn’t find a clip of the perambulator scene in Deadwood.

Cash fans, and music lovers in general, owe Rick Rubin a debt of gratitude for the American Recordings series. Unchained is my favorite, but they’re all fantastic.

Also, seriously, what the hell is up with the murder ballad/death genre? Some twisted shit like Delia’s Gone and Long Black Veil (one of my favorite Cash recordings). Then there’s those death songs from the 50s/60s like Deadman’s Curve or Last Kiss — now that song, seriously, why. WHY?!?!?!?! Anyway.

The part about Wu describing the theft starts around the 3 minute mark here.

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