These videos were created to be part of a campaign to push AIIM’s newly launched (at the time) Certified Information Professional certification program (I was shifted to other priorities before I was able to use these!).

A partial list of “Why I’m an InfoPro” short videos.

The idea was simple — ask newly-minted CIPs why they considered themselves information professionals in 60 seconds or less.

As a follow-on question, I also asked them about the value of the certification relative to their careers.

Except for one Skype recording, these were all recorded live at the AIIM 2013 Conference in and around the Hyatt in downtown New Orleans. I used my iPhone because we had no budget for professional recording equipment. Edits were made in iMovie for the same reason.

My favorite response is still Baron Gemmer’s, “Because information amateurs don’t get paid.”

The “Why I’m an Information Professional” Playlist:

The “Value of Certification” Playlist:

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