A video testimonial 4-pack. I’ve embedded them below.

I created these videos for the person in charge of marketing the education courses. I don’t think they used them as much as they could/should have. I shared them on social media and in blogs as part of my role as community manager at the time.

AIIM sold (and sells) online and in-person training for information professionals. At the time, the courses were $1,000+.

We couldn’t trace any direct ROI or activity back to them, but did hear anecdotally that they helped a few students become students.

These videos were recorded using my iPhone (before I learned to hold the phone horizontal for full-screen video) at the AIIM 2013 conference. I edited them using iMovie.

I wanted them to feel friendly and get down into the value the training had for each of these gentlemen.

Looking back, I’d probably create two versions — a condensed version for email and a longer version for further down the funnel. It was fun to create these, especially since I knew Dan, Larry, and Greg ahead of time. Dan Antion, by the way, is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and has a fantastic personal blog, No Facilities.

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