Benchmark sells and services copiers. Their Director of Marketing finally sold the inbound concept to her leadership after four years of trying. She engaged the HubSpot marketing agency I was with (Convergo Marketing) to give them support.

The Tinderesque cover. Click here to download. Design by Shelly Holdaway.

They already had a fairly good questionnaire on their website to provide guidance on copier selection. It was:

  1. Hidden
  2. Too product-focused

I took their existing questions and added a few additional copier selection tips I picked up over the four years of marketing copiers (hey, the right copier DOES matter!).

The end result was this ebook. It’s a top of funnel piece intended to move potential customers away from the idea that “Imma just buy the first damn copier I see, they’re all the same” to start thinking about copiers as a key element in their IT infrastructure and business productivity suite o’ things.

We desperately wanted a “Tinderesque” theme to the questions, but that didn’t work out in reality. However, that idea did give us a fun title and a cool cover.

Click here to download.

If you actually need a copier, you should read it.

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