Sometimes, you really do just want to punch someone in the head.
Casey enjoyed this a little too much.

It’s funny the expressions you use without thinking sometimes.

One of my all-time favorites for expressing frustration at someone doing something stupid (usually something that makes work harder) is a desire to then “Punch them in the head.”

Damn right.

Who doesn’t want to punch someone in the head now and then.

Now, this isn’t “really” punch someone. Or punch someone in the face. Those particular phrases imply a willingness to do perform a physical act of violence on someone – and I haven’t been in a fight since I was 5? 6? Whatever. Long time ago.

I’m not a violent person, but there’s something satisfying about expressing a desire to punch someone in the head. Or, could just be me; whatever.

I’ve been saying it for so long, even my girls are starting to pick up on it – a round robin of family frustration at times with all of us occasionally wanting to punch each other in the heads.

So, as I mention, I say this without thinking sometimes.

I occasionally have to speak to clients.

I tend to bluntness. Sometimes, this concerns Lindsay Kelley, who handles all of our customer relations, strategy, and keeps us all on the straight and narrow. Lindsay is awesome. (But, hey, it’s her fault, she wrote me a poem to get me to join her at Prospect Builder. How could I refuse?)

I also try to stay off of video on calls so as not to be caught rolling my eyes – the mute button is great for great heaves of exasperation when not on video.

But I digress.

This client’s website is . . . how can I say this gently . . . fucking horrible. It’s not even brochure-ware because it doesn’t even accurately reflect their product/service offerings. So at the end of the conversation, which was a good one though potentially bad for our pocket-book short-term, I just mentioned something along the lines of “Whatever you do and whoever you go with, please make sure you can update and change your website yourself, without having to go through a Web design company who has designed it so that they have to stay employed by you because no one else can do anything on the site. That just makes me want to punch Web developers like that in the head.”

I wish I could have seen Lindsay’s face.

A little high-pitched titter of nervous laughter, and I think everyone else laughed too. Because, hell, if you’ve been in that situation you really would like to punch them in the head. Or defenestrate them. That’s always a good fun one to imagine when you’re frustrated as well. Even if it’s not a high window – the thought of the tinkle of glass followed by a thud . . . ahhhhhh.

As I mentioned in my last post, Always Be Human, not being a robot is a good thing (I hope). In reality, I do have a tighter filter in the beginning — and if I get the sense someone has a stick shoved somewhere dark, I tone it down.

Otherwise, punch ’em in the head flies free!

Now, what can I say next to slightly shock Lindsay . . . I do know she sounded slightly appalled when, kidding around with another client after he said that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with us at a conference, I said, “That’s alright, we’ll take you to the early bird special and then head out afterwards.”

Man, wish that had been a video call too.

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