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As usual with Linda G. Hill’s prompts for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I never quite know what’s going to pop into my head on any given Saturday (or Sunday for this one.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “loud.” Find any word that means “loud,” and use it any way you’d like in your post. Enjoy!

Good Morning, Vietnam is still one of my favorite movies. Robin Williams was, as usual, fantastic. In one of my high school English classes, me and . . . Patrick Diamond I think it was communicated pretty much entirely in quotes from the movie for about a month.

The other thing that popped into my head was the con’s Republican lickspittles sure were loud-mouthed, raucous, bombastic, and blustering in their pathetic, brazen attempts to lie to the American people about the con-in-chief’s obvious corruption. E-fucking-gads, that was a sad sight. Bigly.

They certainly weren’t clarion-voiced or full-throated in their seeking of the truth. However, I don’t want to start the day pissed off, so let’s move on.

So to The Synonym Finder, one of my favorite books.


Between “lottery” and “loud-mouthed (must. restrain. myself. from. further. political. commentary): loud.

Deafening. Earsplitting. Stentorian. Roaring. Thunderous. Booming. Plangent. Ear-piercing. Howling. Yowling. Wailing. Whining. Ululant. Screaming. Vociferous. Blustering. Rolicking.

Lot’s of good words, and yowling almost got me, but then:

garish, gaudy, flashy, tasteless, lurid . . . and then after more, snazzy.

Ah, ha.

I love an Aloha shirt, or Haiwaian shirt if you prefer.

The louder the better.

Some folks say “loud” in this context like it’s a bad thing. I beg to differ. Plus, not all Aloha shirts are plastered with birds or volcanos. Many of the retro flower designs are more understated than what passes for fashion these days. But I digress.

Me, I like a loud, yet semi-tasteful and snazzy, design.

My love of these pinnacles of sartorial style began, I’m pretty sure, with Magnum P.I.

Loved that bird shirt he wore. Actually, still love it. Going to buy one for myself one day.

Pretty sure I won’t look quite as good as Tom Selleck in it, but, who cares. Great shirt.

I haven’t bought one of these for myself in a few years as I’ve grown a bit rounder. I’ve decided that until I can fit into my older ones, no new ones for me. I’ve been getting close for 3 years now, maybe 2020 will be the year I reward myself with a new one.

I do have standards for these too.

The pockets need to match the design. While I do have some cheaper shorts where the pocket is misaligned with the surround design, for the higher quality shirts, that’s just not good enough.

I prefer a coconut shell button as they’re durable and look nice.

Rayon is the best fabric. Cotton is OK. Polyester is hardly ever good unless it’s a blend or just a fantastic design. Reyn Spooner has their own cloth. I don’t own one, but I have tried one on and, one day. Sortof a cottony/polyster blend thing going there, which wears well and drapes nicely.

C Is for Customer: Have a voice, in the Content Marketing Guide

Reyn Spooner. Tommy Bahama. Are two of the best. Chubbies, in addition to having fantastic 5-inch inseam shorts (thighs out, baby!) also has a few Haiwaian type shirts, including the fantastic flamingo jobby above (again, one day).

And, with that, I’ll end with a few photos from my collection.

One of my first ones, love it. Reminds me of Old Man and the Sea.
Can’t be bothered to flip it around.
One of the more subdued ones.
What most folks think of, I think, when “Hawaian Shirt” is mentioned.
Black, for formal wear.
Qute possibly my favorite.

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