Adam-Sandler-in-The-WaterboyContent marketing is the devil, Bobby Boucher!

Yeah, I admit it – I’ve watched “The Waterboy” more than once (and being from Louisiana I knew how to pronounce “Boucher” right even before I saw the movie).

What’s this got to do with content marketing?

An article in the Washington Post this morning caught my eye; “Adam Sandler, king of guilty-pleasure movie rentals.” Turns out that Sandler’s “Just Go With It” was the most popular Redbox rental of 2011, garnering him the Redbox Lifetime Achievement Award of 2012. Last week, Netflix signed a deal with Sandler to film and premier four movies exclusively on Netflix. In the press release, Netflix points out that Sandler’s movies are watched often and repeatedly (and not just in the U.S., but world-wide).

What are your hidden gems?

Go beyond the past three months and look at your download and article views. Let your audience tell you what they’re interested in.

Which of your content assets, blog posts, Web articles, videos, etc. are creating a steady flow of views for you? I like to create quick lists of the top 50 articles from the preceding five years and compare them. What you find could surprise you. I found that an article on PDF versus TIFF image viewing was in the top 50 for three years in a row. I also found that a series of SharePoint-themed posts were top 10 for 3 years running and worked those into an ebook with the author.

Find your hidden gems and reuse them. A few quick ideas:

  1. Bundle into an ebook (free or with a low-threshold gate).
  2. Update older posts with new information.
  3. Turn evergreen pieces into “essentials”-type content that you can use as anchor pieces for Web traffic – and your audience’s edification. (These also make killer ebooks.)
  4. Add relevant calls-to-action on these pages.
  5. Create list blog posts, presentations for Slideshare, and maybe even add them to lists on and Storify.

You can do it!

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