Tweets of the Week – My Favs on Content Marketing

Tweets-Worth-ReadingIn no particular order, my favorite tweets from the past week. Curation. Community. Writing tips. And some stuff about content marketing.


Want to improve your #contentmarketing? See what @jaybaer & @TheSalesLion have to say=> 5 tips.… #cmworld

Never a bad idea to learn from the best.

3 out of 4 feel frustrated by irrelevant web content. Learn how to provide relevant content. #CustomerExperience

Even though this paper is written by a vendor, it still has some good pointers if you’re starting to think about your customers’ Web experience.


Should the little guy worry about being muscled out by big biz on Google in-depth search results?

I love research that reinforces my thinking that long posts definitely have a prominent role to play in writing on the Web, SEO, and content marketing.


11 Mistakes Dumbass Content Marketers Make via @FeldmanCreative

Great piece. Nearly worth it for the donkey pic alone.


New #B2B #ContentMarketing Research: Focus on Documenting Your Strategy

You don’t write it down; you don’t get it done.



Yep: “The goal is to build an engaged community, not just a distribution channel to push products” via @LoyalCX #cmgr

The best part is, you can care and then you get people to help push your products.


.@bduhon methinks they can. @tommy_landry

A few Saints fans were bemoaning the 1-3 start. Patrick, a really smart dude, just wrote his best tweet thinking the Saints CAN turn their season around. Really hoping he’s right.


Really like this advice from @peretti on writing/content: Don’t just write about everything. Have a crush on something. Be obsessed. #smx


Community is more than a tactic. It’s a philosophy around how you build companies. It’s a core part of your culture or it’s not. #cmgrcha

The twin to the tweet above. Absolutely true. You either believe that community will help your company and buy in or it doesn’t work. Can’t half-ass this one.

@MariSmith: Content Curation: Nine Things To Keep in Mind via @ReturnOnNow [Great ideas!] #contentmarketing

Fantastic advice here.


As the authors say, it’s about creating an emotional connection not asking people to buy a product. #contentmarketing…

That’s right, manipulate those emotions! The cynic in my keeps asking – if it moves people and is effective, does it matter if you’re faking it or really just want to sell something?


How to Unleash the Power of Content #contentmarketing #socialmedia #slideshare

Some really, really good ideas here.

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