5 Timeless “Rules” of Social Media and Content Marketing

social media rules of the road are similar to those for content marketingThe rules for social media engagement really haven’t changed much in the last 9 years. True, there are different mores and ways to navigate the various social channels, but the basics are pretty much same same.

From whence does this mind-bending observation cometh?

I was weeding through some old notebooks before tossing them (for those few of you who know me and read this – Yes, I do throw things away. Now and then.). I came across my “rules of the road” draft for commenting/engaging on the AIIM Community.

Because of my career step-to-the-right into doing content marketing, there’s plenty that can be applied there too. Continue reading 5 Timeless “Rules” of Social Media and Content Marketing

Social and Shakespeare, #AtoZchallenge

Social and Shakespeare, #AtoZchallenge
Why is social fun? Because random conversations on Twitter turn into unicorns prancing about in mankinis, that’s why.

My career took – maybe not a U-turn, but a decidedly different direction – when I learned in December 2008 that:

  1. The print magazine, infonomics (nee inform, then E-DOC, then AIIM E-DOC Magazine, then infonomics) was being cut (not a huge shock given ad sales)
  2. That upon returning from meeting the future in-laws in England over Christmas, I’d be helping to develop AIIM’s online community (more on that another day). I actually thought I was going to be let go (6 years too early on that prediction)

At that point, I began to “do social,” which via winding pathways has lead me to “doing inbound and content marketing.” The fact that I was doing the social thing, and still do to an extent, is pretty ironic given how anti-social I am at times. I like it much better behind the keyboard most of the time. Continue reading Social and Shakespeare, #AtoZchallenge

Social Business – Myths and Truths

Social Business Myths and Realities
Yep, this a photo of my D&D Monster Manuel cover. A unicorn, a centaur, and a dragon; what’s more myth than that?

Four years (ish) ago I was invited to present a few thoughts on Enterprise 2.0 at EMC’s 3rd Writer’s Summit. The original title of the presentation: Enterprise 2.0 Myths (and a few truths). I stumbled onto my notes a few days ago and thought it would be fun to revisit to see how A) Smart or B) stupid I was.

So how did I do?

First off, wow, how dated does Enterprise 2.0 sound? While the online chatter has moved on to other buzzwords, the principles of E20 underpin the giant online cocktail party conversation where we’re all talking with each other at once. (And, you are talking “with” folks, right? Talking “at” people is even more annoying online than in person.) I think you can substitute content marketing, inbound, social business, social, etc. for E20 below and my original thinking continues to be as legitimate (or not, as the case may be). Continue reading Social Business – Myths and Truths

Tweets of the Week – My Favs on Content Marketing

Tweets-Worth-ReadingIn no particular order, my favorite tweets from the past week. Curation. Community. Writing tips. And some stuff about content marketing.


Want to improve your #contentmarketing? See what @jaybaer & @TheSalesLion have to say=> 5 tips. heidicohen.com/pro-content-ma… #cmworld

Never a bad idea to learn from the best.

3 out of 4 feel frustrated by irrelevant web content. Learn how to provide relevant content. bit.ly/1nSRVwq #CustomerExperience

Even though this paper is written by a vendor, it still has some good pointers if you’re starting to think about your customers’ Web experience.

Continue reading Tweets of the Week – My Favs on Content Marketing