Beware the Inbound Marketing Carnival Barkers!

carnival barker vermont state fair
Barker at the Grounds of the Vermont State Fair, circa 1904. Library of Congress on Flickr.

Step right up!

Step right up!

And look at the wonder of the modern marketing machine.

SEO, blogs, automation, all in one space from one provider.

Never have to do anything yourself

Turn it on and watch it go.

Leads for you.

More leads than you can handle.

All you have to do is sign right here. . .

I’m sure this happens in every industry, but it seems especially pernicious in the two I’ve spend my working life in – IT and marketing.

What “this” am I talking about? Continue reading Beware the Inbound Marketing Carnival Barkers!

3 Content Marketing Haikus

Content MarketingI mentioned last week about the whining in content marketing, and two recent (excellent) blog posts both reinforced my pre-conceived notion (and who doesn’t love that!?).

First is “The Great Content Marketing Buzzkill” by Barry Feldman. The second post, which isn’t negative at all, but which has a line in the intro, “some have suggested that content marketing may be its own worst enemy,” Continue reading 3 Content Marketing Haikus

Social Business – Myths and Truths

Social Business Myths and Realities
Yep, this a photo of my D&D Monster Manuel cover. A unicorn, a centaur, and a dragon; what’s more myth than that?

Four years (ish) ago I was invited to present a few thoughts on Enterprise 2.0 at EMC’s 3rd Writer’s Summit. The original title of the presentation: Enterprise 2.0 Myths (and a few truths). I stumbled onto my notes a few days ago and thought it would be fun to revisit to see how A) Smart or B) stupid I was.

So how did I do?

First off, wow, how dated does Enterprise 2.0 sound? While the online chatter has moved on to other buzzwords, the principles of E20 underpin the giant online cocktail party conversation where we’re all talking with each other at once. (And, you are talking “with” folks, right? Talking “at” people is even more annoying online than in person.) I think you can substitute content marketing, inbound, social business, social, etc. for E20 below and my original thinking continues to be as legitimate (or not, as the case may be). Continue reading Social Business – Myths and Truths

Paper Dust – A Paean to the Complexity of Simplicity

Dust Bowl - Truck in a Dust StormDust doesn’t usually spur epiphanies

Sneezes and a reach for the polish, yes. Insight, not so much.

But paper dust really did change my point of view on complexity. Here’s how. Continue reading Paper Dust – A Paean to the Complexity of Simplicity

The Last Content Strategy Post You Need to Read

for an effective strategy

There are many excellent resources for content marketing: anything by Anne Hadley or C.C. Chapman (love Marketing Professionals); about everything put out by the Content Marketing Institute; ancillary to content marketing, but related and covering an equally difficult, overlapping, and interesting piece of the social industry (community management) – The Community Roundtable (also my favorite logo); Hubspot; and there are others that I’m forgetting as I’m writing this quickly.

They all write (and talk) about content strategy – how to develop one, why, how to win friends and influence the people in your organization with money to support one  . . . . everything you need to know. In turn, you can then move on to a successful content marketing effort. Continue reading The Last Content Strategy Post You Need to Read

What I Learned Today: Lots of Reading Still to Do

After looking at this list of Content Strategy books posted by Scott Abel, I realized (again) that there’s always more to learn about content strategy/marketing.

Curated list from Scott Abel
I need to do some more reading.

Click the image for the list.

Content Marketing: Three Essentials

3 Essentials for Content Marketing
The 3 essential elements of content marketing.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on content marketing, inbound marketing, and/or content strategy. (I say and/or because, to me, these are variations on a theme; opinions vary and I reserve the right to change my mind.)

I’ve come to a few conclusions recently from all this reading (and some doing as well).

I think there’s some confusion about content. Continue reading Content Marketing: Three Essentials