Little late on these, but wanted to share anyway — after the way the Saints’ game ended yesterday, I just wanted to mope for a bit.
One man’s unscientific rundown of my favorite tweets from the week of November 3.
Not only yes, but HELL YES!


‘Everyone’ is not a good answer to the question ‘who is my audience?’ #ContentMarketing #ProTip @njellering

Morty the Penguin, anyone? Or (because it’s football season) any truck commercial, designed to make you feel like you’re not quite a real man if you don’t have the ability to pull your truck from the mud with the horses you were towing. More on Morty below.


“What you make consumers feel is even more important than what you actually make.” #contentmarketing

Pretty good overview of Google’s latest addition to its menagerie.


Very decent blog on #panda 4.1 and how Google intends to identify quality content #SEO#contentmarketing #journalism

And now my sister-in-law wants a penguin. I think John Lewis sells furniture (and I only know that because my wife is English). However, because of this over the top, schmaltzy commercial; I now feel warm and fuzzy about them. Good overview of the associated marketing campaign here. I embedded the commercial at the end of this post.


Golden Content Marketing Means Monty The Penguin Has Won Xmas. #contentmarketing #montythepenguin #followthefairies


Past time for everyone to consider how to use video (even if only a little, as determined by your customer) in your marketing.


Reach B2B Execs with Snappy Video…



Great read @neilstclair! MT @gbreece Patience and persistence – the #contentmarketing paradox Read here#thoughtleadership


Need to rethink that whole reposting to LinkedIn thing.


Should You Repost Your Blog Content on Other Websites? A Data-Driven Answer #contentmarketing info


Always kinda thought this might be the case.


Interesting. “Viral content rarely has a long-term effect on your business” #smallbusiness #SEO #contentmarketing

Basic blocking and tackling advice. And love the image.


RT @RickKuwahara: 7 Content #Marketing Tips 4 When You Lack Time & Resources #contentmarketing

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