Titillate me. AtoZchallengeNo idea why this word popped into my head earlier today. I had originally thought I would do a serious post on trust and how that ties to inbound marketing. I’m still going to do that, but on our Prospect Builder blog next week.

So. Titillate. Titillation.  I’ve always liked the sound and feel of it: titillate. Titillation. Tit [giggle]. It’s one of those that sounds kinda naughty while also being the precursor to real naughtiness. Being titillated can be the beginning to a story that ends “well, there I was: buck-ass nekkid in the middle of the creek with Daisy Ann titillating my backside with a feather.” Hmmm, maybe that’s the middle of the story; anyway.

I looked up a few definitions. My favorite is from dictionary.com:

To excite or arouse agreeably

I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of that.

The site also adds a British definition, which appends “often superficially” to the definition. Not sure I like that. I like my titillation to mean something. Or, on second thought, maybe not. Maybe some good, old-fashioned superficial titillation every now and again just keeps the ol’ motor running.

Titillate is also a verb and means “tickle” or “stroke lightly.” Now, opinions vary, but being tickled to titillation . . . meh. Now, the other, now we’re talking again – though the feather is optional. Random thought, but Elmo could be “Titillate Me Elmo,” the slightly more erudite version of the toy. He would come dressed in a tweed jacket with suede elbow patches.

And, of course, it’s got “tit” in it. And, yeah, #gigglesnort, because I am mostly just a 12 year old trapped inside a 43 year old’s body (holy crap, I’m 44 in under two months!). I do often giggle inside when I see the word “tit.” Also teat, boobs, ta-tas . . . you get the idea. It is what it is. Why fight it at this point. And, yes, I have to say it, “Tits are titillating.”

I’ve gotten to the point in my life that I don’t care who cares what titillates my fancy (not just the aforementioned bosoms). I love to watch football, mostly just the NFL – especially, of course, the Saints. I love to collect Kinder Egg toys. I will sometimes eat the chocolate, but when I crack that egg open and there are some tiny stickers and 5 or so pieces of plastic to put together to make something (car and loop-de-loop track with rubber band to launch the car is my all-time favorite; followed by a spaceship and a camel – I should do something on Kinder Eggs at some point. Love ‘em.). I get all titillated when I find a toy soldier that I love – some of them are stunning, the Russian miniatures I have are gorgeous. And I’m so glad George bought me a Bob Hornung knight — more toyish, but every  bit as gorgeous. I love to have a good glass of whiskey or a nice beer. A good meal. And spending time with family and friends also tickles me pink.

Just for fun – and because it was sitting next to me – I went to the Shakespeare Insult Generator to see if there were anything “tit” related. Sadly, slightly disappointed, but there was

Degenerate Eye-Offending Ticklebrain

And that seemed, er, appropriate.

So enjoy whatever titillates your fancy – feather, creek, and Daisy Ann optional.

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