Jam, Jelly, and the #AtoZchallenge

J is for jam and jelly in the #AtoZchallengeJam has got to be one of those words that drive non-native speakers nuts. It’s an adjective, a noun, a verb, and an adverb (I’m pretty sure jammy is an adverb, I’m not looking it up). Something you eat. An impatient action. A situation.

I’ve never been a huge fan of jam (the foodstuff). Or just jamming it in there (especially if you need to get it out again). I hate being in a jam, but like to think I’m there to get friends and family out of when if they need help.

We be jammin’.
Jam it in there.
It’s jammed
Jammy Dodgers (one of Casey’s favorite cookies).
Pass me the jam, please.
Crap, I jammed the gears.
I used to love hosting tweet jams. Though I had to rename them because some people I used to work with are fu . . . , well, shall we just say, healthy sense of self.

I’ve said “jambone” before, but for the life of my I can’t think why. A quick Google search shows that it’s the name of a “euchre hand that is played with the bidder’s cards exposed on the table” and also a band and a harmonica. Maybe it’s related to the harmonica. I’ve played quite a bit of card games in my life (Uno, Rook, Aces, Attach Uno, old maid, slap jack, gin, gin rummy, Milles Bournes – which we just gleefully call coupe do four because we’re Coonasses that way, solitaire, clock solitaire, spades, a variety of poker games, cribbage, hearts, go fish, war, concentration, some drinking game with cards on your heard or something I don’t know I was DRINKING, and I’m VERY much looking forward to getting my Exploding Kittens deck — yes, gloriously, this is a real thing. And goats.).


Jelly is pretty good too, and very similar – at least when it comes to fruit spread. I actually did look this up. Pretty interesting, results and link to article at the end of this. I find that I prefer jam to jelly, but I like marmalade as well.

They say that things go together like peanut butter and jelly, but I prefer peanut butter and mayonnaise. Peanut butter on a cheeseburger, also really, really good. I have converted Casey to my PBM way of thinking. She actually has tried my burger with PB on it. My other child is a loser. As is my wife – though she can be excused somewhat in that she doesn’t like peanut butter.

Jelly roll pan is probably the most frequently used cooking item in my kitchen – vegetables, French fries, roasted vegetables – cauliflower recently, not to mention the variety of crap foods from the freezer section we heat up on them it (waaaaaaaay less than in the past 7 years).

When “jelly roll” comes up in a blues song, I always assume something appropriately nasty is going on. Jelly Roll Morton must’ve been an awesome dude to hang out with. And while I’m pretty sure I’ve could’ve handled the jelly, not sure I want to – at least from what I remember of the video. Or was that Tootsie Roll? Either way, I could’ve owned that.

So, there really is a different between jam, jelly, compote (I knew that), marmalade. Everything below, except for snarky comments, is from The Difference Between Jam, Jelly, Compote, and Conserves on Serious Eats.

Marmalade is derived from the Greek melimelon, which refers to quince stored in honey. I have no idea what a quince is, but I want to try one now. The big difference in marmalade today is that it’s usually citrus jelly with bits of rind.

Jellies and jams didn’t really become widespread until the 1800s, when sugar became cheap. Before then, the Romans and Greeks knew about the preservative abilities of sugar, but used honey to store fruit because of the expense of honey. It sucks that the prevalence of sugar and sweeteners have contributed to obesity, but, damn  do I feel lucky that candy is cheap (though, the 25 cent candy bar no longer exists. I’m continually shocked that it’s usually a buck or so when I buy a Snickers bar.  A sure sign of the Apocalypse and also of age. In reality news: get off my lawn you damn kids!)

Jelly mainly differs from jam in that it’s strained and contains no fruit solids. Both are generally cooked, but with jellies the fruit is usually crushed and cook to get the juice.

Anyway, you may have known this. I had never thought about any of it before, so I was intrigued throughout the article.

And that’s my J #AtoZchallenge, and combined with Stream of Consciousness.

Inigo Montoya, Content Marketing, and the #AtoZchallenge

Inigo Montoya gets angry when you mess with his content marketing.The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies. As Peter Faulk’s Grandpa says, it’s got it all: fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles . . .

And what fan of the movie doesn’t utter the best revenge line of all now and then (Preferably said with a horrible Spanish accent.)

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

I originally thought I would just do a quick rundown of some of my favorite movies, including The Princess Bride. Then I thought to myself: self, I think I can make some inbound and content marketing hay out of this. Continue reading Inigo Montoya, Content Marketing, and the #AtoZchallenge

Half-Assed (#AtoZchallenge)

Donkey and H for half-assedLove this word, though the real words for half-assed are almost as good as the fun one: desultory, offhand, perfunctory, careless, superficial, half-baked, haphazard, slapdash, and sloppy. I originally was going to go with “help” as my “H-word,” but this one’s more fun. Plus, essentially all I had to say about help was “If you need help, don’t be too proud to ask for it. And accept it.”

That’s all I really got on that.

But half-assed. Well.

Continue reading Half-Assed (#AtoZchallenge)

Gettysburg – One of My Favorite Places (#AtoZchallenge)

Gettysburg, my favorite battlefieldMy love affair with the Civil War began with a question to my Meme. I must’ve been 7 or 8. I can’t remember the exact question, but I remember Meme and Pawpan were sitting in their respective chairs in the living room when I asked. She got up and pulled the “C” (I think it was, it may have been “G”) volume of the World Book Encyclopedia from the shelf and opened it to the Civil War section. On the left hand side, covering most of the page, was a segment of Phillippoteaux’s Gettysburg Cyclorama painting.

I was enthralled. Continue reading Gettysburg – One of My Favorite Places (#AtoZchallenge)

F and My Favorite Word (#AtoZchallenge)

Anyone who knows me probably has a good guess as to what this is. It’s the most versatile word in the English language. Noun. Verb. Adverb. Insult. Exclamation. Adjective. Exultation. Use it any number of ways. Note: beyond the line, NSFW.

I thought about going in a different direction: faith (with a nod to George Michael and Georgina), fornication (also, great word), fracking (to do some research), and maybe a few others I can’t think of at the moment.

Anyway. Then I thought: fuck it. Continue reading F and My Favorite Word (#AtoZchallenge)

E and the Pursuit of Everything (#AtoZchallenge)

E and the pursuit of everything -- the A to Z challenge.You can have it all. Get everything you can. You deserve the best of everything.

I want it all.*

Really, who doesn’t want it all?

But what’s all. And what’s everything?

When I first started thinking about this post earlier today, it was a screed against consumerism and our throw away culture. But, meh, we all know deep down that our footprint on the earth is a heavy one and at some point, hopefully, soon, we’ll all start to do better. And people have always wanted stuff – those Egyptian treasures, Versailles, native American bead-decorated dresses, the treasures (or crap, depending on one’s and ones wife’s perspectives) in antique stores are all markers of our desire for “stuff.” Continue reading E and the Pursuit of Everything (#AtoZchallenge)

Content Marketing – The New ABCs (and a challenge)

Always be connecting with inbound marketing.I’m covering 4 things in this post (probably not well, I suck at multitasking these days):

  1. Playing with a blog idea we have at Prospect Builder (my new gig)
  2. Blog “A” for the A to Z challenge
  3. Blog “B” for the A to Z challenge
  4. Blog “C” for the A to Z challenge

Let’s see if I can pull this off even semi-successfully. Continue reading Content Marketing – The New ABCs (and a challenge)