What you want
Baby, I got
What you need,
Do you know I got it?
All I’m askin’
Is for a little respect when you get home

Preach, Aretha!

A rant, if you will.

Start respecting content.

Content marketing centers around the concept of providing “something” that your potential audience will like/find useful to nudge them closer to buying something from you. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but content (of whatever kind) is central.

So if content is central to the success of a content marketing effort, why do so many people treat it like a commodity? Like anyone can do it?

I’m biased, but creating good content is hard. But, because ANYONE can write a blog post, there are (too) many folks out there who think it’s easy. That’s like saying that because I can drive my car to the mall I could compete in NASCAR.

Content is coal in the way that it’s fuel for your marketing. But, content isn’t coal – you can’t just dig some up, throw it in your marketing machine maw, and expect it to burn. You’ve got to tweak it. Spend time with it. Target it. Shape it. Craft it. Touch it. Caress it . . .

. . . wait . . .

where was I?

Oh, yeah, you’ve got to spend some time loving it.

You ain’t gonna get that at 5 bucks a blog post.

Since I was let go from my job in September, I’ve spend time on various freelance writing and editing sites. Now, I knew that when I embarked down the editing/writing path that I wasn’t going to become filthy stinking rich (dammit), but, fucking hell — $8 for a 500 word post (to just pick a random example)?!? I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up some freelance work with companies that believe in investing in good content, but I can’t imagine trying to cobble together a living with some of the rates out there.

If you’re expecting someone to craft something great for you at that rate . . . well, good luck to you. And, no, I don’t care that they’re in India (or wherever) and speak English well.

I think that because content is everywhere, we all are sometimes guilty of a cavalier attitude towards it.  It is like air, and like air, it’s just all around us and we don’t even really notice.

Before Pudding Pops (and the latest round of accusations for deplorable behavior), Bill Cosby was a great standup comedian. In one of his many bits about fatherhood, Cosby’s father tells him, “I brought you into this world. I’ll take you out. Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll make another one looks just like you.”

With the easy ability to create, recreate, combine content; it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “I’ll just make more.”

More isn’t always better – much less good.

Image from Quotesfish.

About the Author bryantduhon

Editor. Dad. Husband. Writer. Content marketer and strategist. Serial constructive procrastinator. Pizza eater. Beer drinker. Not always in that order.


  1. I remember when I was trying to find a place that sold Benjamin Moore paint. I wanted to get more of a particular color, but the person was telling me that they could match the color and that the paint they sold was much less expensive. At one point, they explained that the paint they carried was one of the most popular brands. I said: “for several years in the ’90s, the Ford Escort was the most popular car in America – do you want to drive an Escort?”

    Most people still find it hard to believe that you get what you pay for…but you do.


  2. Thanks, Dan. I’ve always thought it just makes sense to pay a little bit more on the front end for something good/that’ll last/that I really like than spend more in the long run once I end up hating it/it breaks.

    And I’ll stick to my Ford Explorer, thank you very much. Not a car guy, but an Escort . . . . eeesh.


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