Very Varied, #SoCS and #AtoZchallenge

Spikey Katfish V = very varied in the AtoZ challenge
A box of violet deliciousness; just ordered from Amazon.

All I can say is, “Thank you VERY much.”

Before I remembered to look for the prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I was flailing; struggling to find a “V” word. I already have words for X and Z and a few options swirling about for W and Y. But, V, V was killing me, until exactly this moment as I remember that I had had a thought about a V word at the very beginning of this A to Z thing– and that’s why there’s a picture of Violets candy here. I’ll end with what’s what with Violets. Continue reading Very Varied, #SoCS and #AtoZchallenge

Peace and Pulp Fiction, #AtoZchallenge and #SoCS

Peace and Pulp Fictionpulpfiction.vincet.julianPeace and Pulp Fiction? What’s they’s gots in common, you might ask? Nothing that I can really see, other than they both start with P and I decided to write a quick split column with both the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt (peace/piece) and one of my favorite movies.

I couldn’t come up with anything to write about for today. Hell, I even asked Lauren’s boyfriend when he came over to pick her up. He came up with “patience” and “priorities,” but he may have just been sucking up – though I think I’m stashing both of those away for content marketing-related posts. Good kid, mostly, so far. Continue reading Peace and Pulp Fiction, #AtoZchallenge and #SoCS

Defenestrated: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

DefenestrationToday’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is to write using a word beginning with “de” and, for bonus points (and who doesn’t love bonus points), that also ends in “ed.”

Disregarding for this post that because of all of the boner commercials on TV, when I see “ed” I immediately think “erectile dysfunction” (good job little blue pill advertisers and big pharma). And why is that couple in side-by-side bathtubs? Shouldn’t they be in the same tub? Anyway, I digress. Continue reading Defenestrated: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

SoCS: Grease, Tipsy Toddlers, and Semi-Bad Parenting

GreaseStream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda Hill’s blog this week is “Most/Least.

Isn’t that the Most? To say the least.

No idea why that quote popped into my head when I read yesterday’s prompt. Other than that Grease is one of my favorite movies – and full of some pretty good quotes.

“I’m not spoiling it Sandy, I’m making it better.” Continue reading SoCS: Grease, Tipsy Toddlers, and Semi-Bad Parenting

SoCS: Excuses?! We Don’t Need No Stinking Excuses!

socs-badgeMy stream of consciousness post from yesterday as I was traveling from Baltimore to England and was barely conscious yesterday. As always, props to Linda Hill for the prompt.

Excuses are like assholes – they all stink and everyone’s got one.

Words of wisdom from my high school football coach. And, was it just our team, or do all high school football coaches cuss? Not that it fucking bothered me at all, as I enjoy a bit of a swear word (fuck being my favorite word of all time).

Additional pearls from two of the other coaches:

“If ifs and buts were candied nuts my aunt would be my uncle.” This one is fun to say – and the expression on my youngest daughter’s face – she’s 13 – as she tried to puzzle it out when I busted this out a few weeks ago was priceless. It’s also about excuses, in a way, I suppose in that there isn’t any “if” or “but” in sports, you either do it or you don’t. There’s not a lot of gray, even in high school football. Continue reading SoCS: Excuses?! We Don’t Need No Stinking Excuses!

SoCS: Baby Got Back

Spikey Katfish, stream of consciousness saturdayI like Big Butts and I cannot lie.

Literally, the first thing I thought of when I saw this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday’s prompt: back. For details, check out Linda Hill’s blog.

One of my all-time favorite songs. For those of you unfamiliar with Sir Mix-A-Lots ouvre and ode to voluptuous buttocks, the video is embedded below.

Fonda ain’t got a motor in the back of her Honda. Continue reading SoCS: Baby Got Back