Goodnight, Chicory

I keep waiting for him to come jump on me and then I’ll grumble at him to stop kneading on me and then he’ll settle down and get hair all over me. But that’s never going to happen again. I’m still in shock. This morning, Chicory was having major trouble breathing, carrying over from late…

The Content Is Not Enough: Spread the Word

As a long-time editor, this almost pains me to write, but content isn’t enough when it comes to inbound/content marketing. One of the joys of being a print editor was being able to “know” that all 45,000 subscribers immediately started thumbing through their copy of e-doc Magazine as soon as retrieved from the mailbox. From…

War, #AtoZchallenge

I am fascinated by war. I love to read military history. I increasingly enjoy learning about the broader strategy and logistics beyond the battlefield strategy and tactics. It’s self-sacrifice. And courage. And bravery. And genius. And pageantry. And heroism. The Keith Rocco print to the right here exemplifies this to me. It’s of the charge of…

Titillate Me! #AtoZchallenge

No idea why this word popped into my head earlier today. I had originally thought I would do a serious post on trust and how that ties to inbound marketing. I’m still going to do that, but on our Prospect Builder blog next week. So. Titillate. Titillation.  I’ve always liked the sound and feel of…

Get yer kicks!

This post is going to end up costing me about 30 bucks because I still like to buy CDs (for no real, rational reason — I still just like to “have it”). Also, following this blog may have been a mistake if they’re all this good.

Hot Tracks Fridays

It’s song time, and this is the Friday morning jam.*

Rah Rah – Prairie Girl

Ah, love; it’s great when it’s found. But when it’s lost, there are lines like this: “I can’t tell if you’re really dumb or really smart / yeah you’re just much happier in the dark.” This track is from Rah Rah’s most recent album, The Poet’s Dead (2012).

Whitehorse – Sweet Disaster
This is not the Whitehorse we deserve, but the one we need right now… or something. Husband-and-wife team Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland work their magic again as they reunite on this track from Leave No Bridge Unburned. The blend of guitar and vocals is as seductive as anything I’ve heard in a while. You guys, I’ve seen Whitehorse before, and they’re wicked live. They’re on tour soon. I’m so in.

You+Me – Love Gone Wrong

I’d like to think that either Dallas Green or Alicia Moore (aka…

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Presents and Presence: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday word prompt is very seasonal: presents. For the details, check out Linda G Hill’s blog – essentially, use the word and write somethin’. So. One of my favorite Christmas presents of all time is the Godzilla staring at you in this post. He. Is. Awesome. I’m 43; I still tend…

Outta My Element – SoCS

My second Stream of Consciousness Saturday attempt. Wrote this on Saturday, even though posting just now. Idea was to use "air, earth, fire, water" and/or "element" as the kickstarter. As always, check out for the complete rules of the road on this. I had two immediate thoughts: Earth Wind and Fire The Fifth Element.…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday on Sunday

I saw this on Dan Antion's blog yesterday while waiting on the wife in The Loft (lotsa bored guys in there). Great idea. Here's my effort. The thing to do is to just write using all/some of the words: bet, bit, but, bat, bot. The idea is from LindaGHill's blog and the rules are here.…

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