Embrace White Space to Improve Your Content Marketing

Spikey Katfish

Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the empty, white spaces in between.

I edited a print magazine for a decade. During that time, I drove our various designers slightly bonkers with my desire to cram words into every available nook and cranny of a page. “What do you mean, 800 words on a page is too many? Just make it fit.” There was some, let’s say, creative tension between cramming in a lot of information in a limited number of pages and their desire to exercise some design ethos.

I generally won the arguments. After all, they were contracting for us. Though, over time, I came to see their point and even admit that I had been wrong.

White space can be your friend, in a number of ways. Continue reading Embrace White Space to Improve Your Content Marketing

Editing Is Umami

Editing: The Umami of content marketingPerhaps I’m biased, but editing is the umami of content marketing. Umami is the 5th flavor that enhances all others. Good editing makes everything better.

I’m not talking about the grammar stuff — that’s assumed. And I’m not talking about the edit your writing part of writing.

I think my parents still think most of editing is making sure the commas are in the right spots and everything is spelled correctly [Note: any consistent error becomes house style]. Editing is much more than that, it’s also parsing through and shaping the ideas for your audience and the medium you’re using (words, video, graphic, etc.). Continue reading Editing Is Umami